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Patrick M. Beldio, MA, MFA

I have been a professional artist for 17 years.  I studied sculpture and art in Indiana, Rome, Italy, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. I have a BFA in sculpture with a second major in philosophy from Notre Dame, an MFA in sculpture from the George Washington University, and an MA in Catholic theology from the Washington Theological Union in DC. My work is in private and public collections across the United States. I am currently working on a Chanukah Menorah for the Jewish community at Georgetown University and a large-scale sculpture for a performing arts center in Northern California. My studio is on the grounds the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC. They have been kind supporters.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic and studied its mystical tradition. This experience and study has kept me growing and I have discovered the wisdom of other rich mystical traditions. This search has been on the wings of scholarship, worship, and airship. Beyond Catholic mysticism, I have also studied the traditions of Cabbala, Sufism and Vedantic Hinduism, travelling to Italy, Israel, and India. I am currently in a PhD program in Religion and Culture at the Catholic University of America in DC. I am studying the rich and difficult relationship between contemporary art and religion in America, specifically in light of the work of Sri Aurobindo Ghose (Indian, 1872-1950). This research has led me to learning Sanskrit and the diverse traditions of Hinduism with their modern influence in America.

I share my work and play with my wife, Audrey.


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