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Artist’s Statement
Patrick Michael Beldio

Broadly speaking, my artwork is a contemporary celebration of creation and Divinity. It seeks to celebrate the relationship humanity has to the earth and to one’s deeper Self, what is called the Divine Beloved in many spiritual traditions across the globe, from Sufism, mystical Christianity to some forms of Hinduism. My approach to fine art is characterized by principles of what has been traditionally called sacred art.  In my experience, all of life is sacred, imbued with the radiance of Divinity if only I can surrender my perceptual limitations to sense its reality. We have come through a very painful time this past century, but we have the opportunity to shape a new time in history, a time of democracy and more inclusion, individual rights, responsibilities, and the freedom to love God from the silence of our hearts in non-sectarian ways. Our heritage of loving God is found in the sacred lives of the diverse saints and mystical traditions of all peoples of the Earth. 

This rich heritage inspires my work in a particular way. For me this is creating images that show the human being transparent and open to the Light that is at the Heart of matter. In my work, I want to inspire the viewer to accept matter as a fitting home for Spirit to dwell. This requires making work that not only honors the material but also the spiritual, that seeks to celebrate not only the invisible and ineffable, but also that which is given in sensual, psychological and intellectual experience. By weaving differing media and symbols from diverse religious traditions, I have discovered my own contemporary visual language.  Currently, the primary components of this language are the hollow or empty figure and the contrasting solid or full figure. By exploring ways in which the emptiness of the hollow figure might be full and the full figure might be empty, I am choreographing images that illuminate the unity, which grounds and yet somehow honors Divinity at the heart of all cultures, religions and ways of life. I do not pretend to equate all these cultures, religions and ways of life with each other in some bland sameness. Their differences are as important to me as the ways they join one another. These differences contribute quite positively to the beauty that each uniquely holds.


© Patrick Beldio 2010

With help from Chris Mayernik